Good Super


Australia's first social impact superannuation fund.

Good Super leveraged technology, and the combined power of people, to respond to challenges facing society today and tomorrow.

More than $3 trillion is held in Australian superannuation accounts. All that money gets invested in some way. Imagine what could be achieved if some of that money got behind socially positive corporations, and diverted from morally hazardous corporations.

The potential for driving positive impacts are enormous. Good Super celebrated individuality and freedom of expression. As such, fund members decided on causes they wanted their investments to align with.

Good Super was founded by Dr Aron D'Souza and Phillip Kingston in 2013, and acquired by Sargon in 2015.

Sargon grew from $0 to $50 billion in assets on its platform within 5 years, and annual recurring revenues of over $50 million.

In 2020, Sargon was acquired by Vista Equity Partners and now trades as Certane.